Robert Ashley – Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon
Herbert Eimert – Klangstudie 2
Vivenza – Servomecanisme
Rashad Becker – Chants & Dances 3
Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan – Orbit Aurora
Vladimir Ussachevsky – Wireless Fantasy
Annea Lockwood – Vibrating Pane
Toru Takemitsu – Seasons
Jan Bark – Ach Chamberlin
Kuniharu Akiyama – Arcana 19 (Part 3)
Toshi Ichiyanagi – Music For Living Space
Poetics – Mr. Orgatron
Dada – Tuuen Inraaku Gaki
Laurel Halo – Melt
Tod Dockstader – Water Music Pt. 4
Paul Boisselet – Symphonie Jaune

My mom is a public school teacher, this article is spot on.
bernard tschumi parc de la villette
hi, i’m a zircon crystal and i am 4.374 billion years old
speyer cathedral
The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba

”I may write only what I know in space: I am that I am. Thee, Word, begat Me and this is all I know about myself at any point in space. But the potent phrase is a word-lock of static intention; meant to keep me in my place. Any point in space is an argument place and I will not be confined to one point, I will argue out the word-lock so that I can move. I want to travel everywhere in Space.”

Brion Gysin


Birdcage by Andre Bloc

Advertisements for Architecture by Bernard Tschumi.
Jananne Al Ani, Aerial I, production still from Shadow Sites II, 2011

take note at 12:10

Also, 20:55