Kazuo Ohno with son, Yoshito Ohno  


mort garson


Robert Ashley – Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon
Herbert Eimert – Klangstudie 2
Vivenza – Servomecanisme
Rashad Becker – Chants & Dances 3
Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan – Orbit Aurora
Vladimir Ussachevsky – Wireless Fantasy
Annea Lockwood – Vibrating Pane
Toru Takemitsu – Seasons
Jan Bark – Ach Chamberlin
Kuniharu Akiyama – Arcana 19 (Part 3)
Toshi Ichiyanagi – Music For Living Space
Poetics – Mr. Orgatron
Dada – Tuuen Inraaku Gaki
Laurel Halo – Melt
Tod Dockstader – Water Music Pt. 4
Paul Boisselet – Symphonie Jaune

My mom is a public school teacher, this article is spot on.
bernard tschumi parc de la villette
hi, i’m a zircon crystal and i am 4.374 billion years old
speyer cathedral
The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba

”I may write only what I know in space: I am that I am. Thee, Word, begat Me and this is all I know about myself at any point in space. But the potent phrase is a word-lock of static intention; meant to keep me in my place. Any point in space is an argument place and I will not be confined to one point, I will argue out the word-lock so that I can move. I want to travel everywhere in Space.”

Brion Gysin